An eco-friendly activewear company designed exclusively for teen girls that gives back to Girls Education worldwide through girl power organizations.

We first worked with SparkFire to develop a PR strategy to get media coverage for their launch. We have since taken on their social media and newsletter campaigns. Our aim is to manage and build all their social media, create original content, aid in brand strategy, develop newsletter campaigns, create a flourishing fanbase, and drive online sales.


Social Media Strategy
Brand Strategy
Original Branded Content Creation (Graphics, Photography, Video)
Grid Design
Instagram Account Management
Twitter Account Management
Facebook Account Management

Copywriting + Optimized Posting
Real and Relevant Follower Growth
Accounts Engagement
Influencer & Media Relations
Ambassador Campaigns
Contests & Promotions
Weekly Newsletters


Since starting this campaign, we’ve grown SparkFire’s fanbase by over 2500 followers each month. We’ve created an active & inspiring aesthetic that shows off the apparel and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Our number 1 priority is to empower girls everywhere through the SparkFire voice and to stay true to the brand’s message. Through our promotional and newsletter campaigns, we’ve built a very loyal and enthusiastic customer base for this incredible brand. The brand has received coverage from various news outlets including Sourcing Journal, Biz Journal, and various Atlanta news outlets.