68% of Youtube’s 2 billion monthly active users watch a video to help them decide on a purchase. Tapping into this expansive audience using creative content and targeted marketing tools, we can accelerate your brand’s growth.

Content Strategy

Our content strategy will optimize your engagement and viewership, by focusing on lean-back content, consistency, micro-moments, SEO, and call-to-actions. Utilizing YouTube algorithms allows your content to excel, as we efficiently balance your channel’s data driven performance.

Influencer Activations

Partnering with popular influencers, we share promotion codes and special deals to reach their audiences’ and promote your brand. Choosing the right personality to work with is essential to the success of an influencer activation. Our thorough knowledge of audience demographics allows us to find the perfect influencer to elevate your business.

TrueView Promotion

Video discovery ads, like those on YouTube, bring your brand closer to their target audience than ever before. We collaborate closely with TrueView to market your content to a vast audience, in a cost-effective manner.

Custom Content Creation

Looking to launch your brand on YouTube’s platform? Do you need innovative direction to accelerate your channel’s growth? Our team of videographers, technical experts, and creative professionals will help you curate custom content to connect with your community.

Behind-the-Scenes Coverage

No matter the specificities of a demographic, every audience is deeply influenced by a brand’s authenticity and transparency. Businesses are more human than ever, and we will engage your audience using behind-the-scenes coverage of your operations and employees. Connection and interaction is key to driving sales.


YouTube’s unique algorithm can be optimized through extensive research into your business’s analytics. At Nailed It Media, we focus on your demographic, and assess your engagement, to deliver the ideal content output.

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