Touch In Sol is a Korean beauty brand focusing on fun, affordable products made for girls on the go.

Our objective was to create cool content and aggressively grow their following via promotional and organic outreach tactics in order to develop a lush, engaged fan base.


Social Media Brand Strategy Original Branded Content Creation (Graphics, Photography, Video)
Instagram Grid Design Instagram Account Manage ment
Facebook Account Management
Social Media Calendar
Real and Relevant Follower Growth
Accounts Engagement Influencer Marketing Contests & Promotions Giveaways & Brand Partnerships
Instagram Stories
Paid Ads


Developed a new brand strategy complete with a clear-cut voice, colors, and imagery.

Produced photoshoots and created original, exciting content and engaging copy.

Developed new and engaging content strategies to improve photography, copywriting, and grids.

Organized weekly social media product giveaways attracting as many as 5,000+ likes and 5,000+ comments and entrants.

Acquired 40+ unpaid influencers (with as many as 300,000+ followers) to post monthly in exchange for product.

Encouraged interaction with the brand by engaging with newly-generated followers and fans daily, increasing brand loyalty, shares and tags.

Grid Before and After Case Study Nailed It