Influencers have all the hype, but it requires a strategic marketing strategy to forge relationships with internet personalities, and tap into their expansive audiences. Our team has the social and digital expertise to create mutually beneficial partnerships with influencers.

Influencer Seeding

Influencers are the future of marketing, as they connect with a loyal audience in real time. We utilize these strong relationships, by sending products to social media personalities. When posting on their social channels, influencers expose your brand to an untapped audience, in exchange for free product.

User Generated Content

User generated content is a mutually beneficial, effortless way to create content for your website and social media. We find ideal internet personalities with active followings to take photos with your product. These images are used to advertise your business, and demonstrate customer satisfaction.

Paid/Unpaid Partnerships

Partnerships with platforms and business entities can be both paid and unpaid. An unpaid partnership may include the exchange of products or exposure. In any case, forming strong partnerships with other brands increases your businesses visibility, and taps into a large audience of potential customers and subscribers. Through partnerships, we can maximize your brand’s traffic and profitability.

Brand Partnerships

By partnering with verified brands, we can amplify your content across an expansive platform. Partnerships allow for pre-event and on-site branding opportunities, and direct access to many potential customers. We will research the best business partners, and form mutually beneficial deals to promote your brand.


What do people like better than low prices? Free products! Giveaways incentivize your audience to engage with, and advertise, your business. At little to no cost, you can reward a participant with discounts and products. We will partner your business with another brand, to produce a multi-platform giveaway, thus increasing your exposure.

In-Store Activations

In-store activations are sought out by consumers, as they make merchandise accessible and affordable. Timing is essential when promoting in-store activations; we want special events to remain memorable and in-demand. By periodically decreasing costs, and highlighting your brand’s unique qualities, we can engage your audience in a positive customer experience.

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